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1 ADVERTISEMENT of PLV under DLSA ,Goalpara View/Download
2 Court wise Video Conference Link (google meet)of National Lok Adalot dated 11-12-2021. View/Download
3 Notification dated 01-12-2021 View/Download
4 Notification dated 24-09-2021 regarding meeting of Legal Aid Counsels and Para Legal Volunteers View/Download
5 Notice dated 13-08-2021 regarding virtual legal awareness programmes View/Download
6 Notification dated 10-08-2021 regarding formation of a Sub Committee for National Lok Adalat to be held on 11-09-2021. View/Download
7 Notification dated 02.08.2021 regarding presence of Legal Aid Counsels in meeting of Monitoring and Mentoring Committee View/Download
8 Notification dated 21.06.2021 regarding Competent Authority under the Witness Protection Scheme, 2018 Notification##Judgement##Witness Protection Scheme##Application form inWord & PDF
9 Notification dated 04-05-21 regarding submission of case number wise data by legal aid counsels. View/Download
10 Order dated 29-04-2021 regarding temporary engagement of front Office Co-Ordinator in the O/o DLSA-Goalpara. View/Download
11 Order dated 22-04-2021 regarding engagement of PLV. View/Download
12 Notification dated 26.02.2021 regarding submission of case number wise data by Legal Aid Counsels. View/Download
13 Notification dated 14.08.2020 regarding final selection in connection with temporary engagement of (one) Front office Coordinator. View/Download
14 Notification dated 23-07-2020 regarding result of the written test dated 15-03-2020 & interview schedule in connection with temporary engagement of Front Office Coordinator. View/Download
15 The Answer Key of the question paper for the Written Test dated 15-03-2020 held in connection with temporary engagement of Front Office Coordinator. View/Download
16 Notification dated 04.03.2020 regarding written test for temporary engagement of Front office Co-Ordinator for the office of the DLSA,Goalpara,Assam::Provisional list of candidates:: List of rejected applicants View#View#View
17 Order Dated 10/02/2020 regarding maintenance of file index in the office of the DLSA-Goalpara View/Download
18 Selected Advocates of Legal Aid Counsel to mitigate the NRC related Cases. View/Download
19 Applications from the interested Advocates of Goalpara District Bar having experience of at least three years in practice and having good knowledge in dealing Foreigners Tribunal related cases are invited for the constituting panel of legal Aid Lawyers in order to handle NRC related Cases. View/Download